Cream French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

Cream French Bulldog Puppies for Sale

French bulldogs are very popular in the US, and despite their name, they are not French, they are English.

Bred as pets for hundreds of years, they still exhibit some characteristic traits reminiscent of other bulldogs, such as the short muzzles. However, they are generally smaller than other bulldogs.

They are quite affectionate and playful by nature and love being around people. French bulldogs do not grow to be more than 15 kilograms when fully mature, and they quite adaptable to large and small spaces alike.

They make magnificent companion animals to individuals and families. Their attractive features and the convenience makes cream-colored French bulldogs highly sought after. The problem is there are a lot of sellers out there claiming to have “cream Frenchies” as they are often fondly called.

In this article, we will discuss the essential things to look out for when you see a French cream bulldog for sale and are thinking of getting one for yourself or the family.

Cream French Bulldog Temperament

French bulldogs are usually short in size, with a robust and muscular bone structure. Their bodies have smooth coats. French bulldogs have snubbed noses, their tails are short and may be straight or curled. They are lightweight compared to English bulldogs.

Knowing a lot about French bulldog puppies for sale will help you. The knowledge will help you find a good and admirable pet for a long and loving relationship.

Despite their perpetual sad expressions, cream-colored French bulldogs are comical and entertaining. They are usually calm and very friendly. However, they need a lot of care and attention that will turn them into loving indoor pets.

They require minimal physical exercise, so they are great pets for apartment owners. Furthermore, French dog puppies make great therapy dogs, especially for older people.

Identifying a True Cream French Bulldog

Therefore, to start, we must first learn to identify pure cream color in French bulldogs. Frequently, the cream color is confused with fawn or even pied. It is essential to do adequate research before trying to procuring a cream-colored French bulldog to avoid making such mistakes in your search.


Just doing a simple google search for “French cream bulldog for sale” will usually turn up pied or fawn-colored French bulldogs; instead, this shows the importance of learning the differences between these three different types of bulldogs.

A real cream french bulldog puppy has fur of a slightly dull white shade. Most cream french bulldogs are a solid color, somewhat of white. Their shiny and bright coats do not have any markings and complement their black noses, eyes, lips, and paws.

As a newborn, a French bulldog colors cream within 24 hours, and will often develop dark edges in the ears after a day or two.

Cream french bulldogs have dark eye rims while white or pied bulldogs usually have pink eye rims.

Taking Care Of A Cream French Bulldog

A Cream Frenchie can very quickly become obese. They need just a walk per day, as too much exertion is not suitable for them either. The flat face is a big problem for these dogs, and they can get quickly tired due to their body structure. French bulldogs cannot swim, and you have to remember this, it is crucial.

Taking care of your french bulldog includes following proper grooming tips to prevent them from overheating. Overheating might prove to be fatal for these dogs.

The dog should have adequate shade and fresh water as much as possible.

It is better if they stay indoors or under shade as outside temperatures may adversely affect these dogs. Playing outside should be kept to a minimum.

In the summer months, the dog should be allowed to go out only for a while and preferably in the evenings or early mornings.

When the dogs are outside, it is essential to monitor them. French bulldog should rest if you notice they have difficulties breathing. Please do not leave the dog by themselves in the car with the windows closed.

If the dog shows signals of overheating, you can rinse them with cool water and put wet towels on them. Heat exhaustion is dangerous for French bulldogs.


Fresh homemade food would be the best option for your puppies, but if you must buy the hypo-allergic foods for your pet, they are very expensive, though. If you prepare food at home, you not only save money, but you also know what your pups are eating and make sure it is healthy food.


French bulldogs require weekly grooming, and their coats must be kept in good condition with regular cleaning. Wiping down Facial wrinkles have to prevent infection regularly. Trimming their nails is also a great idea.


Health Issues

French bulldogs, in general, have several health conditions, and Willebrand’s Disease is a common condition with these animals. Testing your cream Frenchie before any surgical operation for this disease is always a good idea.

French bulldogs have flat faces and small noses, which might create breathing issues and snoring troubles. These dogs should be kept at a comfortable temperature to avoid any respiratory attacks.

Finding Cream French Bulldog Breeders

Buying a puppy from a professional breeder is the best option. Professionals always follow the well-documented process while breeding their pups and check if they can qualify for certification.

Make sure the parents of the puppies are also certified. Most professional breeders are usually involved in animal activities like running a dog club, giving them necessary training till the time they find new homes, so they have sound knowledge regarding the qualities and maintenance of the breed they sell.

The good news is that you will find many reputable breeders who breed pure cream French bulldogs through different breeding programs. Blue Heaven French bulldog is a great choice if you are looking to buy a cute cream French bulldog puppy. They also have many cream-colored French bulldogs for sale. The breeder follows high-quality breeding standards and has a great variety of tans, blues, brindles, and whites.

They keep a good quality check on French bulldogs’ genetic defects and responsibly breed the different breed lines.

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