Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy

Best Food For French Bulldog Puppy

The French bulldog is a popular dog breed across the planet. It is best known for its stocky and low build, its characteristic bat-like ears, its playful personality, and its growly bark. 

The dog is a low-maintenance dog. You don’t need to do much too much to care for it. However, the dog does require proper care, regular veterinary checkups, exercise, and a high-quality diet to thrive. 

If you do not give your French bulldog proper care and quality food, he or she will most likely end up acquiring health problems. The problems include breathing difficulties, skeletal issues, and obesity.

In this article, I would like to share with you the best food for French bulldog. The information I will provide will include everything you need to know to build your Frenchie a quality diet. The post also includes an updated list of the best food for French bulldogs. 

What Are the Nutritional Needs of French Bulldogs?

Multiple studies and veterinary reports have been published on the nutritional needs of puppies and adult dogs. One such report concluded that a proper diet for adult dogs is one that is at least 18 percent protein and 5 percent fat. Several other reports and vets agree with this work. Adult dogs require protein for lean muscle building, for optimal health, and for their bodies to function optimally. 

Puppies require an even higher percentage of protein in their diet since they need it for growth. So protein is very important for both growing puppies and adult dogs. 

The best sources of protein for us humans are the same ones for puppies and adult dogs. So your dog should ideally get its protein from fish, meats, and poultry. In other words, the food you should buy for your Frenchie should ideally be natural. And it is best served raw, but lightly cooking it is not a problem.

For a balanced diet, your Frenchie also needs healthy fats, vitamins, and minerals. Fat is essential because it is a concentrated energy source and because it is necessary for coat and skin support. It is also needed for other functions. The fat should be from the best natural food sources for easy digestibility. Ideally, it should be from animal sources. 

When creating a diet for your Frenchie, there are two things you should have in mind. First, the dog breed has a high metabolism. Therefore, you should aim to provide it with about 30 calories for every pound of its body weight. This quantity of food per pound of bodyweight will ensure your dog gets enough food to thrive but not too much to become obese.

From the facts above, you can tell that just giving your Frenchie some random dog food is not going to cut it. You need to write down a diet for your buddy to make sure he gets all the quality micro and macronutrients he or she needs. The menu should include all sorts of meat for protein, plus carrots, spinach, potatoes, and other kinds of NATURAL foods. 

Is Grain Bad for French Bulldogs?

You may have noticed that up to now that I have not mentioned grain food. Some people build their dog’s diet with grain food and whole-food ingredients to boost digestibility. While this is okay, if your dog has gut or digestion issues, you are better off seeing a veterinary instead of opting for a grain-based diet. A grain-based diet is not the best food for French bulldogs. Because a French bulldog’s diet should ideally be made up of animal foods, not grain food. Dogs might be omnivores, but their bodies show that they thrive best on a mostly carnivorous diet. 

Many people also believe that grain ingredients cause allergies to dogs. This is why you will find many dog owners opt to build grain-free diets for their dogs. However, this is not necessarily the case. Researchers recently revealed that most dog breeds do not have food allergies and that grains are not more likely to cause allergies than animal food sources. In short, while you focus on providing your dog with quality nutrition from animal sources, you should know that including grain ingredients in the diet is not bad. It can save you money and make your dog’s food more nutritionally balanced.

What to Know When Buying Dog Food For Frenchie?

Now that you know your dog needs a high-quality diet to thrive, I would like to introduce you to some high-quality best food for French bulldogs. These foods will help you to build a proper diet for your dog alongside the natural foods you feed it. However, before I do that, I would like to share with you the following information.

I only included foods that are:

  • Nutritionally balanced for a healthy diet.
  • Supply a moderate number of calories for a healthy weight.
  • Have moderate or low fat for skin and coat support.
  • Have lean protein for lean muscle development and maintenance and healthy wellbeing.
  • Made of natural ingredients and feature no additives, fillers, or by-products.

So you can see that the food on my list is delicious and excellent food for dogs.

The Best Food for French Bulldog

Now that you have a rough guideline on how to build your Frenchie’s diet, here are some of the best foods for French bulldogs that you should consider. These foods are appropriate for all breeds of French bulldogs. This is because far from being cheap store-bought food, they are foods that are delicious and nutritious alternatives for animal proteins that your dog should ideally eat.

1. Northwest Naturals 

This food is a freeze-dried natural food that is exciting and tasty for your Frenchie. Like any other freeze-dried food, it simply needs to be rehydrated put on a bowl. You need to put a bit of it in warm water. And as I mentioned, it tastes very nice – just like natural food.

Before rehydrating it, you can crumble it to make it easier for your dog or puppy to eat. 

2. The Honest Kitchen 

This food is perhaps the best alternative to cheap store-bought dog food and is one of the best foods for French bulldogs. This is because it is a whole meal for French bulldogs. Like Northwest Naturals, it only requires warm water to rehydrate and serve on the dog bowl. It also tastes like natural.

One thing I did not mention about food that can be rehydrated is that the rehydration gives it a lot of weight. So, in the end, while a relatively small quantity might seem expensive, it will provide you with more pounds of food compared to the same quantity of non-freeze-dried food.

3. Stella And Chewy’s Freeze-dried Raw Dinner Patties

These patties are very popular with many French bulldog owners, especially in the United States. They also need rehydrating like the other two food ingredients above. You can also crumble them like the Northwest Naturals food.

Many owners sometimes blend them and mix them with natural food options such as rice, cut spinach, and sweet potatoes to make a more nutritionally balanced meal for their dogs.

4. Sojos Freeze-dried Dog Food 

This brand of food is very good for French bulldogs. Many reviewers on sites like Amazon argue that it is the best food for French bulldogs. The only issue with this food is that you have to add the animal protein/ meat. What I mean is that this is not really a raw food option, so it is important to add meat. While this may not be convenient for many people, feeding your dog this Sojos food and raw meat e.g., organ meat, venison, beef, or chicken, will make it stronger and healthier. I genuinely believe that this is as close as it gets to giving French bulldogs a very natural healthy diet.

5. Grandma Lucy’s Grain-Free Food

This food is grain-free and freeze-dried. It is not difficult to rehydrate or reconstitute. Once you do so, you can feed it to your dog directly, or add other ingredients. However, while feeding this to your French bulldog is not hard, you must add something hard like carrots or grain or yak chews – food that your dog can cut its teeth on. Dry kibble from any decent brand will also be good enough for your dog to cut its teeth on. 

6. Taste of the Wild Food Varieties 

This food is brilliant. Even the kibble version is good. Your dog should be getting fresh food, but if you want it to get something, it will be excited about, get it this brand. It is fantastic, especially if you happen to be busy and you do not have enough time to prepare meals for your dog.

Final Thoughts

Your dog should ideally eat the same kind of foods you are eating. Animal sources of protein are best for dogs e.g., fish, meats, and poultry. They are best served raw, but cooking them is also okay. When raw food cannot be supplied, the above foods are some good alternatives. They are better than store-bought dog food because they are natural and they taste better. They also have a better nutritional profile than usual kibble. 

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