The Rare Chocolate Frenchie: Everything You Need To Know

The Rare Chocolate Frenchie: Everything You Need To Know

Do you know that there is such a thing as a chocolate French Bulldog? It’s true! This dog breed comes in many different colors and fur patterns, but the AKC only recognizes a few types. If you’re interested in learning more about the rare coat colors Frenchies could have, you’re in the right place! This article will discuss everything you need to know about chocolate Frenchie dogs.

Chocolate Frenchie Genetics

The French Bulldog breed is quite versatile when it comes to coat colors. They can be brindle, fawn, black, or any combination thereof. However, the chocolate color is not recognized by the AKC.

Chocolate Frenchie dogs are a result of a recessive gene. This means that both parents must carry the gene for their puppy to be born chocolate. Chocolate is a dilute color, which means it’s not as dark as black. The coat of a chocolate Frenchie can range from a milk chocolate brown to a light reddish hue.

Interestingly, chocolate Frenchies are not the only rare coat color out there. Blue and lilac Frenchies are also quite rare and, as a result, often come with a higher price tag.

Why Are Chocolate French Bulldogs Unique?

While all Frenchies are unique, chocolate ones stand out in a crowd. Because this coat color is so rare, you’re likely to get a lot of attention when walking your pup down the street.

Not only are they unique in appearance, but chocolate French Bulldogs also have their own set of personality traits. They are often described as being more laid back and easy-going than their counterparts. This makes them the perfect companion for someone who is looking for a low-maintenance dog.

Chocolate French Bulldog Appearance

The appearance of a chocolate Frenchie can vary depending on the individual dog. However, they will always have some elements of chocolate in their coat. This could be anything from light brown to reddish highlights.

One thing to note is that French Bulldogs with this coloration are not eligible for AKC shows. If you’re looking to compete your Frenchie in shows, you’ll need to stick with the more traditional colors.

Chocolate French Bulldog Care

Since chocolate French Bulldogs are not a recognized AKC color, they often don’t have the same health testing as other dogs of the breed. Make sure to ask your breeder about any health concerns specific to chocolate Frenchies.

In general, French Bulldogs require minimal care. They are a low-maintenance breed that is happy to lounge around the house all day. However, they need regular exercise and should not be left alone for long periods.

Chocolate French Bulldog Exercise Requirement

Like all French Bulldogs, chocolate ones require a moderate amount of exercise. A short walk or game of fetch in the park is usually enough to satisfy their needs. Too much exercise can actually be harmful to their health, so be sure not to overdo it.

Chocolate French Bulldog Price

The price for a chocolate Frenchie can vary depending on the breeder and demand. However, you can expect to pay anywhere from $2000 to $5000 for one of these pups.

While they may be more expensive than other Frenchies, chocolate Frenchie dogs are definitely worth the investment. They are unique, low-maintenance, and make great companions.

Training a Chocolate French Bulldog

Like all French Bulldogs, chocolate ones are intelligent and easy to train. They respond well to positive reinforcement and are quick to learn new tricks.

Potty training is usually the biggest challenge for training a Frenchie. However, with patience and consistency, your pup will be doing its business outside in no time.

Chocolate French Bulldog Diet

Chocofrenchie requires around 980 calories on average. However, your Chocolate Frenchie’s age, health, and weight determine the precise calorie requirement. We propose feeding your Chocolate French Bulldog 25 to 35 calories per pound of body weight each day.

Chocolate French Bulldog Health Problems

Unfortunately, Chocolate French Bulldogs are prone to several health problems. These include hip dysplasia, patellar luxation, and brachycephalic syndrome.

Hip dysplasia is a condition that causes the hip joint to develop abnormally. This can lead to pain and lameness in your dog’s rear legs.

Patellar luxation is a condition that causes the kneecap to slip out of place. This can be painful and cause your dog to limp.

Brachycephalic syndrome is a condition that affects short-nosed dogs. It can cause difficulty breathing, snoring, and exercise intolerance.

While these conditions are serious, they can often be treated with medication or surgery.

Chocolate French Bulldog Grooming Needs

Brushing your Chocolate French Bulldog once a week is good for its fur. Brushing will help spread the natural oils in its fur and keep its skin healthy.

Chocolate French Bulldog owners can use grooming to detect any health problems they didn’t know about, such as ear, skin, or tumors.

Chocolate French Bulldog Lifespan

The average lifespan of a Chocolate Frenchie is about 11 years. However, some dogs have been known to live as long as 16 years.

The best way to ensure a long and healthy life for your Chocolate Frenchie is to take them to the vet for regular checkups, brush their teeth regularly, and feed them a healthy diet.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Chocolate French Bulldogs shed?

Yes, Chocolate French Bulldogs do shed. Chocolate Frenchies are shed constantly throughout the year, particularly during the spring and fall seasons. Regular grooming allows you to prevent them from shedding all over your house.

Furthermore, they’re tiny dogs that don’t make much of a mess. They are not, however, appropriate for people with dog allergies.

Can French Bulldogs Eat Chocolate?

The effects of eating chocolate by a French bulldog are no different than those seen in any other dog. We do not recommend that you give your French Bulldogs chocolate because it is poisonous to dogs and might kill them.

Do Chocolate French Bulldogs Bark A Lot?

No, Chocolate French Bulldogs do not bark a lot. They are quite quiet dogs. However, like all dogs, they may bark when they are excited, scared, or trying to get your attention.

Are Chocolate French Bulldogs Good With Kids?

Yes, Chocolate French Bulldogs are good with kids. They are patient and gentle dogs that love to be around people. However, because they are small dogs, they should be supervised around very young children.

Do Chocolate French Bulldogs Get Along With Other Dogs?

Yes, Chocolate French Bulldogs generally get along with other dogs. However, like all dogs, they should be introduced to other dogs slowly and supervised at first.

Do Chocolate French Bulldogs Like To Swim?

No, most Chocolate French Bulldogs do not like to swim. They are a brachycephalic breed and have difficulty breathing in the water. However, some dogs may enjoy swimming if they are introduced to it slowly and given plenty of time to rest between swims.

Final Words

If you’re looking for a small dog with an even bigger personality, then the Chocolate Frenchie might be right up your alley. These dogs are full of energy and love to play around all day long. However, their high-maintenance coat requires regular grooming and brushing to keep it healthy. Make sure that you take them for routine checkups at the vet’s office to avoid any health problems like hip dysplasia or patellar luxation, which can lead to pain and lameness if left unattended. With proper care, these little bundles of joy will live 11 years on average – meaning there is plenty of time for lots more cuddles from this cute canine!

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