Long Haired French Bulldog

Long Haired French Bulldog

Many aren’t aware that French Bulldogs can actually have long hair. French Bulldogs typically have a short and smooth coat that sheds very little—which is a feature of the breed that many like. But Long Haired French Bulldogs do exist, however rare they may be. Their rareness makes them so appealing, and some Long Haired Frenchies will even cost a pretty penny to acquire.


Like a typical French Bulldog, Long Haired Frenchies are affectionate, charming, and will make great pets, but they will require more effort to groom because of their long hair. The unusual length of their hair is a result of a recessive gene that both its parents possess.

Not all Frenchies will have this gene to pass down to their offspring, and it is in fact a rare gene for a Frenchie to possess, but in extremely isolated cases, two-parent Frenchies—who are short-haired themselves—will have this gene and produce offspring with long hair. Typically, however, Long Haired Frenchies will have been bred from one or more Long Haired Frenchie parent.

French Bulldog History

French Bulldogs were originally bred to be miniature Bulldogs and were the result of cross-breeding between Bulldogs and small terriers. French Bulldogs became popular in England and were eventually imported to France, in and around the time of the Industrial Revolution. They became so popular in France that people started calling them French Bulldogs. And despite that they originated from England, the name French Bulldog has stuck with them until today.

As you might expect, the main difference between a Long Haired Frenchie and a conventional Frenchie is the former’s longer hair. In terms of size, a typical Long Haired Frenchie will be the same as a normal Frenchie, clocking a weight of about 16 to 28 lbs., and reaching a maximum height of 11 to 12 inches from floor to shoulder. Long Haired Frenchies will of course retain the distinctive Frenchie bat ears and glum expression.

Their coat will also come in the standard colors that can be found among normal Frenchies, which includes the colors: brindle, fawn, white, tan, or a combination of these. There are other colors that a Frenchie can be born with, however, but these would be considered rare. These colors are: black, sable, chocolate, and red. A Frenchie that has long hair is rare enough to begin with, let alone a red Frenchie with long hair.

As for the length of their hair, it will typically be long and wavy around the head and will come out slightly shorter in their back area.


long-hair-frenchieLong Haired Frenchies will exhibit temperamental behaviors similar to normal Frenchies. They are, in general, well-behaved and exceedingly sociable. They are also great pets to have if you have children, not least because they are rarely aggressive. That being said, kids will love them primarily because they look like Ewoks with their goofy faces.

Their size also makes them fantastic apartment dogs, too. Indeed, a Frenchie doesn’t need a lot of space in which to exercise and expend its energy. A Frenchie will be extremely affectionate to anyone, especially to its owner and members of its family. They are generally quiet dogs in that they don’t bark as often as other breeds, but they will bark to herald the arrival of visitors.

Long Haired Frenchies, just like their normal-haired cousins, will be easy enough to socialize, and will often feel comfortable around other pets. They can be stubborn and a chore to train, however—and some will even amusingly plop themselves on the ground and force owners to carry them if they don’t agree to where they’re being taken. But like any other dog, owners can improve the stubbornness of their Long Haired Frenchie by incentivizing good behavior with treats. It’s also recommended that owners start training and socializing their Frenchie at a young age.

Taking Care of your Long Haired Frenchie

long-haired-blue-french-bulldogUnfortunately, French Bulldogs, and by extension, Long Haired French Bulldogs, are known to develop a variety of health issues, especially as it concerns breathing. This is primarily due to their short muzzle, which makes it more difficult for them to breath, and makes them more prone to respiratory disorders.

French Bulldogs are also prone to overheating, and are ill-suited for environments where the weather can become extremely hot. During such conditions, it’s always recommended owners keep them in an area of the home where the temperature can be regulated. Just like any other breed, French Bulldogs will need regular exercise. But because of their overheating problems, it’s best to not over exercise a Frenchie.

Amusingly, French Bulldogs are also prone to flatulence. This is because their short muzzles cause them to gulp air as they eat. Conversely, this will also mean that a Frenchie will feel miserable from time to time because of the build-up of gas in its stomach. Owners can mitigate this by refraining from feeding their Frenchies commercial diets that tend to make flatulence worse. Indeed, the best way to mitigate flatulence in your Frenchie is by feeding them real meat and vegetables.

Because French Bulldogs are prone to all kinds of health issues, owners must always have them undergo regular vet checkups.

All-in-all, one must keep in mind that French Bulldogs—and Long Haired French Bulldogs—are a high maintenance breed.

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  1. Where can I get one soooooo cute

  2. Since this is a recessive gene, some breeders are going to breed a long haired to a normal, and then breed the offspring back to the long haired parent to get long haired puppies. This is called line breeding, a type of inbreeding. This type of breeding is why dogs with rare traits often have other rare problems. If you buy this type of french bull dog be sure to look at the pedigree to assure there has been no inbreeding.

    Shannon West DVM

  3. Oscar Hernández

    I’m interested in a long hair French bulldog
    Please send information about prices and delivery information

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