Why A Trendy Vegan Diet Might Not Be Best For Your Frenchie

Why A Trendy Vegan Diet Might Not Be Best For Your Frenchie

Vegan diets are rightfully growing in popularity, with many people making the switch for ethical and environmental reasons.

However, when it comes to dogs, things can get a little bit more complicated. An article by the BBC quoted Dos Santos, who is President of the British Veterinary Association (BVA), saying that “it is theoretically possible to feed a dog a vegetarian diet, but it’s much easier to get it wrong than to get it right.” He also acknowledges that in doing so, the acute supervision of a veterinary trained nutritionist would also be required.

Obviously, further complications are bound to occur when things are moved up a tier to veganism. Is this diet really the best thing for your dog?

Effects on Appetite

French Bulldogs love exploration, and part of that means smelling new scents and trying new things.

Vegan diets don’t offer up much in the way of those goals, which are imperative for a dog’s stimulation and happiness. What is your pooch more likely to be interested in by scent alone: a carrot, or some bacon? The answer is obvious, and appetite plays a big role in terms of how much and how well your dog will eat.

Put simply, your frenchie won’t find vegan diets to be tasty and scrumptious, and they’ll be less likely to enjoy or devour a full meal consisting of only vegetables. Life is to be enjoyed, and meat for a dog is often a key pillar in their sense of happiness and fulfilment. Dogs know all about the simple pleasures in life, and much of that revolves around their appetite!  

Ease of Management

Vegan diets can be nice for people, but few would argue that they aren’t tough to manage and sustain overtime.

Careful and meticulous planning is needed for a vegan diet, as nutrients and minerals must be sourced from a variety of different plants to substitute what is offered by a cut of meat. Not everyone can afford a veterinary trained nutritionist, either. Combining all of this with the fact that dogs can be very picky about what meals they consume, and costly headaches are bound to arrive.

Instead, you should consider straightforward solutions in dog food delivery. Bella and Duke can deliver healthy, nutritious meals for your pooch straight to your door for free. This way, looking after your dog becomes second nature and runs like clockwork. On this plan, 92% of customers saw an improvement in their dog within 8 weeks of switching, while 99% saw an improvement in their dog’s stools. Bella and Duke also maintain that “meat is the base essential for all dog’s diets”, and frankly, the proof is clearly in the pudding.

Perks of Balance

A balanced diet provides well-rounded results in the way of health.

Vegetables are far from redundant in a dog’s food intake, and they are a key component of a balanced diet. Many positive health improvements occur out of their inclusion, as vegetables are filled with potassium to help muscles, nerves, and organs. Still, it’s best to source nutrition from a multitude of places for your pooch, just so they’re getting the best out of everything on offer.

Meat on the other hand improves your dog’s energy, digestion, and immune system, all of which are essential to good health. Dogs can’t survive on meat alone either, so when all these ingredients come together, the best results follow. In the end, the choice shouldn’t be between meat and vegetables – they’re both essential to a well-rounded diet for your french bulldog!

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