Tips to Aid Your Dog to Get a Full Night’s Sleep: Doodle and Frenchie Versions

Tips to Aid Your Dog to Get a Full Night’s Sleep: Doodle and Frenchie Versions

Only existing dog owners would be familiar with the difficulty of finally putting their beloved dogs to sleep after a long, hard day. The task is not as easy as it sounds. Dogs, be it any breed in the entire kingdom, are highly energetic creatures that do not usually show signs of slowing down unless absolutely necessary. The common aspect among almost all dog breeds is that they love to take their necessary rest during the day and tend to stay active throughout the night unless specifically trained otherwise.

While there are multiple ways to teach your adorable pet dog to maintain a healthy, night-sleeping routine, it does require time and effort from the owner’s end. During the initial days after adopting the puppy, constant monitoring is required to ensure the dog follows your pre-set rules around the household. This is crucial, as the dog is still very young and open to learning all sorts of new aspects, which might be tough for them during the later stages of their lifetime. This article mainly focuses on the French Bulldog and the Doodle breeds and the ways you can adopt to get them to sleep through the night.

The Doodle

A doodle is a cross between a poodle and one other dog breed that can contribute to the gene pool of the poodle. These are highly intelligent creatures that have a lot of confidence in them. People from all around the world hold doodles in high regard due to these features. Check out to learn from a profuse repository of information regarding doodle care and the methods to put them to sleep at night.

Ways to Ensure Your Doodle Sleeps Through the Night

Establishing a healthy sleep pattern in your pet doodle is similar to most other dogs. Below is a list of ways to ensure your doodle sleeps through the night.

Give It an Early Dinner

Dogs of any breed simply love it when it is time to eat. Doodles, being highly energetic, cherish dinners even more! However, once you feed them dinner, the time would soon arrive when the doodle needs to pee or poop. This is where the owner needs to be tactful—ensuring that the food is provided while there is still a couple of hours till bedtime is the smartest call in such situations.

Take extra care in figuring out the right time frame. Feeding too early might also be counterproductive as the doodle would then be wide awake during the early hours of the morning because it had already finished sleeping completely and is now hungry for breakfast. Do not feed your puppy more than 3 hours before feeding it dinner. While it certainly is good for your dog to eat a late dinner as it would then be sleeping with a full stomach, it surely will be waking up multiple times during the night to relieve itself.

Potty Train It to Relieve Itself Before Bedtime

With puppies, it is all about controlling their daily routines. If this can be achieved, you will surely have a smooth experience throughout your pet dog’s lifetime. Doodles are relatively miniature dogs in the kingdom. They have small bladders which do not let them hold their pee for long. A whole night without pooping is possible, but they must take pee breaks during the night if they drink a lot of water before going to bed.

In situations when you do feed your doodle a late dinner, make sure you hold on to the water. Only allow the absolute necessary amount of water intake and not more than that. This will gradually teach your doodle to not go thirsty even if it does not drink much before going to sleep at night. Do not refuse to offer water if it is really thirsty, but do not let it become a norm.

Grant It a Stuffed Companion to Huddle With

There are various advantages of providing your doodle with an artificial toy companion to snuggle with during the night. These toy plushies are adored by doodles and can keep them busy for hours. During long nights, doodles love to cuddle with these soft toys, which resemble a real-life companion in their eyes. They feel they are with someone who cares and have no problems continuing with their sleep, instead of going out and looking for that certain someone.

There is a wide assortment of dog toys you can choose from. Make sure you know the preference of your Frenchie before choosing one. Certain electronic versions of plushies are available for purchase in pet stores nowadays. These sophisticated toys have the capacity to mimic the heartbeats and warmth of the puppy’s mother. Some of the best brands of such electronic stuffed animals are so good that puppies seem to find no difference between them and an actual dog. Letting your doodle sleep with a stuffed companion to snuggle with can be the missing piece in your quest to figure out why it does not sleep through the night.

The Frenchie

The French Bulldog, also known as the Frenchie, is one of the tiniest dog breeds in the entire world. There are many fun facts regarding these glorious creatures, like the fact that they are not natural swimmers and they prefer whimpering over barking. They are mainly urban dogs who thrive in the city environment as they prefer to mostly stay indoors. They greatly resemble the standard Bulldog, with the one exception being their bat-like ears that makes them unique in their own regard. They are terrific watchdogs due to their alert nature and the relative lack of commotion caused by them. However, similar to other dogs, they need proper training to sleep through the night without disturbing their owners by any means. While the tips and tricks mentioned above in the article do apply to Frenchies, we have added a few more points below.

Give It a Comfortable Crate to Sleep in

Many dog owners love to keep their beloved pets beside them while sleeping at night. While this is a very cute act of love and is welcomed by dogs in general, it might not be the smartest thing to do until the dog has a decent sleep cycle. Hence, crate training is crucial. We suggest you start teaching your pet Frenchie to sleep in a crate right from the get-go.

Dogs have the tendency to respond to the faintest stimulus in their surroundings due to their excessively alert nature. This is one of the key reasons for dogs not spending entire nights in a deep sleep. Make sure the crate is comfortable to sleep in, as Frenchies love cozy beddings. Do not ruin their crate experience by using it as a center for punishment whenever the puppy misbehaves. This can cause a negative impression regarding the crate in your Frenchie’s mind. You need to ensure smooth airflow in the interior, and the bedding is soft and warm. The puppy needs to feel secure every time it enters the crate – even when the top lid is kept closed during the night. Of course, once a healthy sleep schedule is established, you can allow your pet Frenchie to join you in bed.

Wear It Out Before Bedtime

Make sure your Frenchie is tired and exhausted before bedtime. This is similar to the methods implemented by parents for their young children. A dog needs to exercise, even if it is the most energetic dog in the world. Taking a stroll outside or arranging compliance training sessions right after dinner and before bedtime can be greatly beneficial for your Frenchie. It can relieve itself while on the walk. The food gets to be digested properly. Most importantly, the dog would be drained of energy by the time it turns up into its crate, laying the foundation to a whole night of sound, uninterrupted sleep.

Reward It for Maintaining a Healthy Sleep Cycle

Giving out treats for good behavior is a common method applied by dog owners around the world. They allow treats each time their puppies comply with commands until the dogs get habituated with the acts. Use this method to set the sleep cycle of your Frenchie according to your convenience. While this does take time, the results are usually positive. Dishing out treats, instead of punishments, to make it sleep in the crate without getting up at night is highly effective, as per canine experts. Of course, you should not force your Frenchie to fall asleep. However, use the right methods, and your pet pup will not wake up until you get out of bed in the morning.

Deal With Any Underlying Medical Issues 

The biggest form of interference in a Frenchie’s sleep is the annoying presence of bugs and fleas in their coats. They will jump out of bed just to scratch the mite bites. This breaks their sleeping momentum and disturbs the peace they are finally in. Make sure you rid your Frenchie of these irritating insects to ensure they get a full night of uninterrupted sleep.

Furthermore, Frenchies might suffer from medical conditions that cause them a lot of acute pain, preventing them from getting consistent sleep at night. The moment you figure this out, we recommend not wasting any time to get your Frenchie to the vet. While this might be a minor health problem, it is unwise to sit on it. The sooner your pet pup receives the right treatment, it can go back to sleeping full nights without any painful interruptions.

Final Thoughts

Although being a dog owner is exceedingly rewarding, a lot of effort is needed to start reaping those rewards. You have to teach them almost everything hands-on and be very patient about it – despite the inquisitive nature of the Doodle and Frenchie breeds. Teaching them to sleep through the night is a challenge you have to take within the early months before it gets difficult to relay your messages to your dog. Make sure you know the right methods and act accordingly.

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