French Bulldog Yorkie Mix

French Bulldog Yorkie Mix

The French Bulldog Yorkie mix is a crossbreed that hails from both the French Bulldog and Yorkie breeds. Both parent breeds are small dogs, so a French Bulldog Yorkie will typically be around the same size. What is this charming and delightful mixed breed like? Well, they are pretty much a confluence of the characteristics that can be found in both its parent breeds, as you will see below.

French Bulldog Yorkie Mix Appearance

yorkie-french-bulldog-mixJust like most—if not all—dog breeds, not all Yorkies will have the same size and weight, and some will be noticeably bigger or smaller than others. But Yorkies will typically weigh between 4 to 7 lbs and will stand somewhere in the range of 9 inches tall from floor to shoulder. A French Bulldog will, on the other hand, be much heavier than a Yorkie, with a weight of approximately 16 to 28 lbs. It will also be slightly taller at around 11 to 12 inches from floor to shoulder.

Because it’s a cross between the tiny Yorkie and the much stockier French Bulldog, a French Bulldog Yorkie mix’s maximum weight will be around 12 lbs. In terms of physical features, they will mostly have a round Frenchie-like head, with a coat that is closer in length to a Frenchie, or a tad longer. This mixed-breed’s coat will often be shorter than that of a Yorkie, but sometimes—rarely, to be sure—it can come out just as long.

French Bulldog Yorkie Mix Breed History

 french-bulldog-and-yorkieLike most designer breeds that have gained in popularity during the past few decades or so, it won’t be easy to get a comprehensive read on the history of the French Bulldog Yorkie mix. While mixed breeds like this one who were the result of accidental breeding have no doubt found their way to shelters in the past, the intentional cross-breeding of both the French Bulldog and the Yorkie happened so recently for any comprehensive origin story about them to emerge. So below, we’ll discuss the history of both parent breeds instead, to give readers—or new owners—an idea of the French Bulldog Yorkie mix’s history.

French Bulldog History

French Bulldogs were originally bred to be miniature Bulldogs and were the result of cross-breeding between Bulldogs and small terriers. French Bulldogs became popular in England and were eventually imported to France, in and around the time of the Industrial Revolution. They became so popular in France that people started calling them French Bulldogs. And despite that they originated from England, the name French Bulldog has stuck with them until today.

Yorkie History

yorkie-french-bulldog-mixThe Yorkshire Terrier, otherwise known as a Yorkie, originated from England. The breed was developed and used for the purpose of mice-catching in-and-around mines. The breed eventually got its name in 1861, at a bench show in England, where one reporter suggested that the breed be called “Yorkshire Terriers” because of how much its appearance improved since it was introduced to Yorkshire, England.

Yorkies today are much smaller than before and are no longer the pest-hunters that they used to be. Indeed, they are now a popular breed whose main purpose is to be its owners’ companion.

French Bulldog Yorkie Mix Temperament

french-bulldog-yorkie-mix-puppiesThe Yorkie and the Frenchie are both highly affectionate dogs, with the Yorkie being slightly more on the yappy side. Both are smart, happy, energetic, and are great companions to have in-and-around the household.

The French Bulldog Yorkie mix can be expected to be a friendly and family-oriented dog that will basically have these same characteristics and will be inordinately clingy to its owner or other members of the household. Another thing that one can readily notice about this mixed-breed is that it will always want to be around people, especially its family, to the point that it can be miserable when left alone. It is a breed that wants to please, so training them will be particularly easy, especially since they don’t exhibit the usual stubbornness that can be expected of other small breeds.

Compared to other breeds, the French Bulldog Yorkie Mix will be relatively easy to socialize because it naturally enjoys meeting and playing with other pets—ditto other people. As with other breeds, however, it is still recommended that they be trained and socialized from a young age.

Caring for your Frenchie Yorkie Mix

french-yorkie-scaledHappily, the Frenchie Yorkie doesn’t shed that much, so you won’t be seeing much dog hair scattered all over your home like you would if you owned a breed with long hair. While it is of course recommended that owners give their dogs regular baths, Frenchie Yorkies have skin that can dry quickly, so be sure to space out there baths by a couple of days.

All-in-all, a Frenchie Yorkie is quite an energetic dog, and its small size means that even a small apartment can be a big enough space for them to move around and exercise. While you don’t really have to take small dogs out to walks as much as you would a bigger dog, it is nevertheless a good idea to take your Frenchie Yorkie out for a walk a couple of times a week for exercise.

In any case, Frenchie Yorkies are, like we mentioned earlier, people-pleasers, and will, therefore, be easy to train—they really want to please their owners and do what you want them to. The same for dogs in general, positive reinforcement, while it’s a puppy, will ensure that it won’t grow up to be naughty. Perhaps give it a treat every now and then to incentivize good behavior.

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