The French Bullsky: French Bulldog Husky Mix

The French Bullsky: French Bulldog Husky Mix

The French Bullsky is a cross between a Husky and a French Bulldog. They are medium-sized dogs with erect ears and variable appearances. Still, they all have the distinctive “skunk face” of their parent breeds. Huskies are without a doubt the marathon runners of the canine world. And, for many people, the French Bulldog would be at the top of their list for chuckle dogs.

You probably are partially correct if you thought someone initially blended them out of curiosity about peculiar and bizarre. A French Bullsky is generally created from two purebred parents: The Siberian Husky and The french Bulldog or Frenchie as it is more commonly known in America. Some may have a Siberian Husky parent and a French Bulldog parent. The outcome of the cross is a medium-sized dog with erect ears and an otherwise variable appearance.

It will be pleasant and friendly if you come across such a mix, with a decent sense of humor, good nature around kids, and no use as a guard dog. As designer dogs grow in popularity, you’ll be able to locate one like the French Bullsky more readily than ever.

This article provides a little information about the two breeds and a few predictions about what the pups will be like. You may get a sense of whether or not a French Bulldog Husky mix is the right type of dog for you based on looks, size, adaptability, activity level, abilities, temperament, and health.

french bulldog husky mix puppies

The Parents

The Husky and French Bulldog are descended from two different continents. French Bulldogs originated in England, whereas The Chukchi people of North-Eastern Russia bred Siberian Husks.

There isn’t much history on the Siberian Husky French Bulldog mix. The designer dog trend began when people became infatuated with the “Doodles.” Much of the desire to cross French Bulldogs stems from a desire to reduce their health problems by reducing a few of the exaggerated characteristics.

Siberian Husky

Huskies are known for their endurance, intelligence, and strong prey drive. They’re bred to run in harsh environments with little food or water. They have a thick double coat that protects them from the elements of North-Eastern Siberia. These dogs can withstand temperature extremes by adding layers of fat to their body when they need it. They have a thick undercoat as well as guard hairs on top. The Husky’s breed is also famous for its blue eyes, which are more typical of the wolf gene than dogs. Their body makes them look like wolves in some ways too since they’re tall and thin with a narrow chest.

French Bulldog

A Frenchie is a small breed that comes in many different colors and sizes. They were bred to be companion dogs for royalty, which was why they came with exaggerated features like their short snout and bat-like ears. Unfortunately, these characteristics also lead to many health problems, including breathing difficulties and eye injuries (due to their prominent eyes).

Breed Characteristics

The French Bulldog is smaller than the Husky, though this mix will vary in size. The resulting dogs may be anywhere between medium and small, depending on their parentage. They’re likely to resemble their huskier ancestors more with a long wolf-like snout like the Husky. It’s common for the French Bulldog Husky mix to have a very thick coat which they’ll shed seasonally. Their eyes are likely to be blue or brown but could also come in shades of green depending on their parents’ eye colors.

The average adult size is around 35 pounds for males and 25 lbs for females, with an average height between 16-20 inches. The French Bulldog Husky mix is not a fast dog, but they are known for stamina, making them good at longer runs or walks. They’re also intelligent enough to do well in obedience training. They will likely have the wolf-like instincts of their husky ancestors towards prey drive (in other words, this breed should be kept on a leash and not allowed to roam freely).


Husky French Bulldog Mix Temperament

The French Bulldog mix with Husky is as sociable as they come. They’re highly affectionate with both people and other dogs, though they’ll be wary of strangers until properly introduced. The French bulldog husky mix will love running and playing and is very people-oriented. They’ve been known to make good guard dogs because of their alertness. Still, they’re generally not aggressive or intimidating in appearance or behavior.

As puppies, these French Bulldog mixes will be more like the French Bulldogs with a tendency to nip at your heels while you walk them on a leash. This will pass as the dog matures, but it’s good to know that this may not always go away. They’re likely to have a high prey drive because of their husky heritage, which means they should not be allowed off-leash around small animals or birds.

Husky French Bulldog Mix Health

Your new companion will reach the age of 12 to 16 years. The most typical health problems are orthopedic and eye issues. However, your dog may also suffer from breathing difficulties, hypothyroidism, allergies, and skin diseases.

Suppose you’re looking for a litter of Husky Frenchie crosses. In that case, the breeder will almost certainly have certifications on both parent breeds. Hip and eye certifications are recommended on both contributing breeds and heart and knee evaluations on French Bulldogs.

Puppies can have their eyes examined as soon as they are old enough. You should have your dog’s eyes examined once a year.

French Bulldog Husky Mix Puppies

A French bulldog mix with Husky will usually have similar coloring and patterns as the Husky. Like French Bulldogs, their coats are likely to be short and thick with a double undercoat that sheds seasonally.

The french bulldog husky mix is highly affectionate towards people and other dogs. Still, it should not be let off-leash around smaller animals or birds due to their high prey drive based on the heritage of both breeds.

French Bulldog Husky Mix Puppies For Sale

On our page, you will find the best french bulldog husky mix puppies for sale. We have collected only popular and reputable breeders with high-quality services that provide pups of French Bulldogs Huskies breeds at affordable prices.

Husky French Bulldog Mix Price

French bulldog husky mix puppies can be found for sale online and in pet stores and will cost anywhere from $200 to $800 depending on the breeder or location. The French bulldog mix with Husky is not a rare breed, so they’re relatively easy to come by when looking for french bulldog husky mix puppies for sale.

Husky French Bulldog Mix Upkeep and Care

The french bulldog husky mix is a medium energy breed that does best with at least 30 minutes of exercise per day. They should be let off-leash in an enclosed area as they’re not likely to follow your commands if the prey is nearby.


Your French Bulldog will be clever but not the most obedient or trainable dog. The Husky and the Frenchie, on average, score only fair and lower in working intelligence, respectively. It’s reasonable to assume that training your mixed dog will be similar to working with a Boston Terrier, Welsh Terrier, or Akita.

You must be self-assured, patient, and firm while teaching your dog because you will get debates out of them during training. You will find yourself repeating instructions over and over. Your pet will not react to harshness or coercion.


Feed your dog food that is of good quality. The more meat in the food, the better it is for them. More named meats are of higher quality, and they need less of it to be healthy than when you feed regular dog food.

If you have a dog, it needs vitamins and minerals. They are in some dog food but not enough. Your 50-pound French Bullsky will need 600 to 900 calories every day, depending on the weight and how much he does.

Puppies need to eat more than adults. Nursing mothers also need to eat more food than usual. Working dogs also need a lot of food. French Bulldogs and Siberian Huskies are prone to being overweight, so give them extra food too.


A French Bulldog will have a softer, smoother coat than a Husky. You need to brush it every few days with either a wire or pin brush and then use a polishing brush. Your dog should be bathed once every one to three months with shampoo that is mild. Wipe any folds around the face once or twice a week.

Trim your pet’s nails once a month and make sure to brush its teeth twice a week. Check the ears every two weeks and look for scabs, redness, or abnormal discharge. If you make a routine for your pet, it will be easier to take care of it. French Bulldogs shed hair from their undercoat all year long.

Final Words

The French Bulldog Husky Mix is a rare breed that combines the best of both breeds. If you’re looking for french bulldog husky mix puppies, we have collected only popular and reputable breeders with high-quality services that provide pups at affordable prices. Among these benefits are their intelligence (or lack thereof), temperament, grooming needs, weight management requirements, exercise routine suggestions, and more! We hope this post has been informative on how to care for your new pet, as well as some insight into what it means to be a mixed dog owner.

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