French Bulldog Corgi Mix

French Bulldog Corgi Mix

Is it a Corgi, or is it a French Bulldog? Well, it’s a combination of both—it’s a combination of perhaps two of the cutest lap dog breeds in the world!

But what can one expect from this mixed breed? And, the question is, how great are they as pets? To answer that, we’ll get into the mixed breed’s history, it’s unique physical features, its temperament, and briefly discuss what new owners can expect from this incredibly cute, smart, and playful—but sometimes stubborn—little dog.

The Appearance of a French Bulldog Corgi Mix


A typical Corgi will look short, chunky, and will weigh somewhere between 22 and 32 lbs. Conversely, a female Corgi will weigh a little less and will be somewhere in the range of 22 and 29 lbs. Don’t be fooled by a Corgi’s stubby and compact stature, however, because they are exceedingly energetic and won’t infrequently be running around and playing like an energizer bunny for the better part of the day. In terms of height, the typical Corgi won’t be more than 12 inches from floor to shoulder.

A French Bulldog, on the other hand, will typically be within the same height and weight dimensions of a Corgi, which is why a French Bulldog Corgi Mix can be expected to be the same.

Amusingly enough, Corgis, even during cross-breeding, usually pass down their short stumpy legs to their offspring. After all, Corgis suffer (adorably so) from a genetic condition called achondroplastic dwarfism, which results in short legs. For some reason, it is one of the most common traits they pass down to their puppies, no matter how long-legged the other parent breed turns out to be. So a French Bulldog Corgi mix will often have Corgi-like legs that will make them look like the cute little munchkins Corgis are known to be. But sometimes they’ll have slightly longer legs, or legs that will be slightly shorter than a French Bulldog’s. While the length of a French Bulldog Corgi mix can vary, they will almost always look a bit stumpy and miniature-like, which is a feature that many find adoring.

As for a French Bulldog Corgi mix’s coat color, it will typically be in the same color, color combination, or pattern that either of its parent breeds is known to have.

French Bulldog Corgi Mix History

french-bulldog-corgi-mix2There isn’t much history to this mixed breed, as they’ve only become popular in the last few decades or so. Indeed, the French Bulldog Corgi mix can probably be better understood from the history of both its parent breeds, which we discuss below.

French Bulldog History

Because of its name, many mistakenly believe that French Bulldogs came from France. The truth, however, is that they can trace their origins to Britain, in the English city of Nottingham, to be exact. They were originally bred to be miniature Bulldogs and were the result of cross-breeding between Bulldogs and small terriers. French Bulldogs became popular in England and were eventually imported to France, in and around the time of the Industrial Revolution. They became so popular in France that people started calling them French Bulldogs. And despite that they originated from England, the name French Bulldog has stuck with them until today.

Corgi History

bulldog-corgi-mixCorgi means dwarf dog in Welsh. They are among the oldest dog breeds in the world. In fact, the Cardigan Welsh Corgi can trace its origins all the way back to 1200 BC., when the breed was brought to Wales by the Celts. The Pembroke Welsh Corgi, on the other hand, can trace their origins all the way back to AD 1100, when they were brought to Wales by the Flemish people.

Both types of Corgis had a lot of the same physical features as Corgis have today. They were small and relatively long-snouted short-legged dogs with ears that stood in attention. Both types of Corgi were able-bodied dogs that were frequently used for farm work, including herding cattle, guarding, and companionship.

Corgis gained wider exposure in the early 1900s because of their association with the English Royal Family. Indeed, the Corgi was Queen Elizabeth II’s pet of choice. The Corgi that the Royal Family owned was purchased by Prince Albert, Duke of York, from a kennel in Surrey, and was named Dookie. Soon, the young Elizabeth, who was at this point a princess, got a Corgi of her own for her 18th birthday. She named it Susan.

French Bulldog Corgi Mix’s Temperament

corgi-frenchie-mixA French Bulldog Corgi mix will be inordinately energetic, owing to the Corgi part of its bloodline. Corgis, after all, were bred to be herd dogs and are so energetic and playful that some owners have had to go through the trouble of walking them twice a day. A French Bulldog Corgi mix will definitely exhibit signs of restlessness and boredom if not played with during the day.

It is extremely playful and can even be quite the stubborn fellow, but it’s also extremely loyal and will serve as a great pet. Another thing that’s great about a French Bulldog Corgi Mix is that it is one of the breeds out there that can easily get along with other pets—and other people for that matter—with little socialization. They are very affectionate towards their family, to the point that they won’t infrequently want to sleep close to where the “pack” is.

Taking Care of a French Bulldog Corgi Mix

frenchie-corgi-black-puppy-mixDespite that the French Bulldog Corgi mix doesn’t require as much socialization as other breeds do in order to get along with other pets, it is still recommended that they are trained while young. A well-trained dog will scarcely exhibit the behavioral characteristics that will cause owners to get frustrated, after all, so training and positive reinforcement will always be a must, whatever the breed. This mixed-breed, in particular, won’t be difficult to train, and they are said to even thrive off of a schedule.

All-in-all, a French Bulldog Corgi mix, will be an excellent companion that will bring a lot of joy into the household.

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