French Bulldog Boxer Mix

French Bulldog Boxer Mix

The French Bulldog Boxer mix—also known as a French Bulloxer—is a mixed-breed dog. As is obvious from the name itself, it’s a cross between a French Bulldog and a Boxer, and will often have the best qualities of both parent breeds. It is small to a medium-sized dog that is friendly, protective, and affectionate, and will be a great all-around pet to have!


History of the French Bulldog Boxer Mix

Like most designer breeds that have gained popularity during the past few decades or so, it won’t be easy to get a comprehensive read on the history of the French Bulldog Boxer mix. While mixed breeds like this one who were the result of accidental breeding have no doubt found their way to shelters in the far past, the intentional cross-breeding of both the French Bulldog and the Boxer happened so recently any comprehensive origin story about them to emerge. Below, we’ll discuss the history of both parent breeds instead of giving readers—or new owners—an idea of the French Bulldog Boxer mix’s history.

History of the French Bulldog

Despite the “French” in their name, the French Bulldog originated in Nottingham, England, and was originally bred to be a toy-sized bulldog. Breeders were able to reduce the size of what was then the conventional Bulldog by breeding them with small terriers. French Bulldogs became popular in England and were eventually imported to France, in and around the Industrial Revolution. They became so popular in France that people started calling them French Bulldogs. And despite that they originated from England, the name French Bulldog has stuck with them until today. The purpose of the breed was precisely to be a companion dog. Today they are among the most popular dog breeds in both the US and the UK and are, in fact, the second most registered dogs in the UK.

History of the Boxer

A Boxer is a stocky, muscular, and powerful breed that’s been developed in Germany in the 19th century. The breed is basically of Molossian and Mastiff descent—two breeds of dogs known for their size and ferocity around since ancient times.

By 1896, the breed had already been stabilized, and the first Boxer Club was established in Munich. By 1904, that same club established the Boxer breed standards, and they remain unchanged up to this day. Although they were initially bred to play a bloody part in the cruel sport of bull-baiting, they eventually took on other roles, including butcher’s helpers and cattle controllers.

French Bulldog Boxer Mix Appearance


The French Bulldog Boxer mix is small to a medium-sized dog that will typically weigh somewhere in the range of 41 to 65 lbs. Its coat will be short and straight. It will also come in a variety of colors that will match what either of its parent breeds is known to have, including fawn, red, gray, white, or brown.



A French Bulldog Boxer Mix will have all the qualities of a great pet. It will be loyal, affectionate, and protective of its family, and it will thrive off of the attention it can get. This is why people who adopt Frenchie Bulloxers would do well not to leave them alone for extended periods of time, as this can make their pet miserable.

Another thing great about Frenchie Bulloxers is that they are not typically aggressive, and will get along with other pets and people better than other breeds. They also seem to enjoy children a lot and will be particularly protective of the household’s children. Of course, this doesn’t mean that owners needn’t supervise their French Bulldog Boxer mix while it’s around small children—it is still always advisable that dogs be specially supervised during these kinds of situations.

All that being said, French Bulldog Boxers can still be quite stubborn, which is why it’s recommended that owners give their pets a lot of positive reinforcement and patience. With enough repetition, especially if it started while the dog is young, the French Bulldog Boxer mix can be a fantastic pet.



Given that the French Bulldog Boxer mix is a breed with relatively short hair and doesn’t shed often, maintenance of them won’t be as difficult compared to breeds with longer hair. Indeed, grooming needn’t be as much, and a few times a week of brushing with a slicker brush will suffice to remove any loose fur.

However, a French Bulldog Boxer has folds in his skin, especially in the facial area. These will need regular checking during grooming time for moisture and dirt, which might build-up or accumulate and cause irritation.

Like most dogs, a French Bulldog Boxer mix’s teeth will need to be brushed regularly—at least a few times a week—to avoid plaque build-up, teeth, and gum problems, as is common among dogs who have been neglected in this area.

A French Bulldog Boxer mix will have a brachycephalic facial structure, which means extreme temperatures, whether high or low, might result in difficulty breathing. This is something owners need to watch out for during both hot and frigid days of the year.

Activity Requirements


One great thing about having a French Bulldog Boxer mix is that it’s one of the few breeds of dogs that don’t require much exercise. A short walk around the block each day will suffice for it to be well-conditioned and fit. This breed can sometimes be… lazy. And it will be content to lounge around the home, sometimes the whole day. It won’t, however, refuse an opportunity to walk and play.

Taking your French Bulldog Boxer mix to the park, and in the presence of other pets playing, will also be an excellent way to socialize them to get used to other pets and people. They are generally mild-mannered and friendly and are easier to socialize than other breeds, but that doesn’t mean they can’t be naughty.

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