16 Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

16 Fun Facts About French Bulldogs

Here are 16 fun facts about French Bulldogs that you must know if you are looking to adopt one

Seeking a good companion? Someone who could make you laugh for hours? And has four legs, smaller than your barrel bag? Look no more.

French Bulldogs, commonly known as Frenchies, are one of the most popular dog breeds in the world today, with their winsome and witty temperament. They are just as amusing as their bat-like ears. They could be a good family dog and also suit first-time dog owners.

There are many fun facts about French bulldogs that you must know if you are looking to adopt one. Here are 16 fun facts about French Bulldog:

  • French Bulldogs are not actually from France.

These beautiful dogs carry just as beguiling backstory. The French bulldogs are sort-of cousins to English Bulldogs who were initially involved in the gnarly sport, bull-baiting,

These famous English bulldogs were bred with terriers and Pugs to compact their sizes and to basically design a companion dog.

The lace workers of the time hyped these adorable dogs. They called them ‘Toy Bulldogs’.

  • Not a swimmer.

With their thick bones, short bodies, and brachycephalic breeding, they aren’t very fond of water sport.

If you put your Frenchie in the pool, they WILL sink. They are not natural swimmers but they can be taught by an invested life jacket and proper safety guidance. If you are looking to adopt a French bulldog, make sure to relinquish your pool area for its safety.

  • They talk, not bark.

This breed is quite exceptional if you haven’t already discerned. You won’t really find them barking as much but you will hear some humanized noises like whimpering, whining, or some peculiar sounds.

They may occasionally growl when they get very enthusiastic, happy, or just annoyed. Also, they might be just yearning for attention, if they are barking a lot.

  • They don’t really like being criticized, much like humans.

They sustain human emotion quite vastly. If you rebuke them or even slightly disdain them, they will be heartbroken.

Frenchies accept positive reinforcement and reflect human emotions.

  • They have distinct ears.

Frenchies ears are one of the most eccentric features they own.

While some of them fashion ears like their close relative, English Bulldogs. Some have their ownbat-like ears.

At times you will also capture a glimpse of floppy ears as opposed to straight-up ears.

  • French ladies were the Frenchies first fan base.

When the Industrial Revolution ceased in England, the notable lace makers immigrated to France, along with their buddies, the French bulldog. In no time, these smushed-faced bulldogs gained fame. And the most crazed community for them became the working French ladies.

  • A French bulldog was present on the famous Titanic.

Gamin de Pycombe, a brindle French bulldog was one of the casualties of the famous titanic incident.

A passenger, who survived the drastic tragedy, reported that he did see a French bulldog trying to swim his way to safety. But unfortunately, he was not able to survive.

  • They don’t really bark, hence are a great watchdog.

As Frenchies bark only when necessary, they tend to be enabled as watchdogs too. They will keep an attentive swipe on the doors and the windows.

But they will not be great or valid as a Guard Dog.

They are not much of a fighter, think of their cousin if you looking for a guard dog, the bulldog.

  • Exercising is not their thing.

They are cozy babies, who will do healthily even within 10 to 15 minutes of the daily walk.

They don’t need much of a training regime or vigorous exercise to command their weight. But do manage to keep them on their foot regularly, for a particular time, or else they tend to either become overweight or develop spine or hip diseases.

  • Celebrities love them.

Without any doubt, this breed has always been on the top list when it comes to reputation. At present, many notable celebrities are nurturing Frenchie.

Some names include- Ashley Olsen, Hillary Duff, Hugh Jackman, Lady Gaga, Leonardo DiCaprio, Madonna, Martha Stewart, Anne Hathaway, Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson, Arjun Rampal, Reese Witherspoon, etc.

They also have an active social media presence.

  • They are artificially inseminated.

French Bulldogs are a very rare breed of dogs. They are fertile and have the tendency to naturally mate to conceive an offspring but they aren’t quite raised in for the practice to reproduce innately.

Even after natural pregnancy, female bulldogs are at risk of numerous fatalities and hence require human assistance.

  • They fart, shh.

Little Frenchies aren’t just emotionally sensitive but also have acute gastro systems. One of the reasons why they tend to spoil the odor of your abode is their cute, tiny size. Since they inculcate undue air while eating (also they eat hastily) that could lead to occasional gassiness.

  • Their furs DO shed.

In summers, your bulldog will shed a very good amount of coat. They do so to prevent their body from scalding and to keep themselves cool. In winters they will attain different coats of furs, which are thicker in proportion.

They need a uniform pattern of grooming sessions. There are also long-haired French bulldogsthat may need extra conditioning.

Keep them as handsome and stunning as they are.

  • They live good long lives.

The average lifespan evaluated of French bulldogs is 9-12 years. The healthiest can reach 14-15 years too.

But many deliberate health problems could shorten their life expectancy or any unexpected ailment. Make sure to account for Pet Insurance that could ease your fund for your dog’s health. Revise the right plans and put consideration into pet insurance that covers preexisting conditions.

Apart from that, you can live a good amount of days with your furry friend.

  • They are quite friendly with other dogs.

As already advertised, this breed is the friendliest of all and could get along with other beings just as feasibly. Even though they are a bit needy and attention-seekers, they like to jump around with other dogs.

They relish playing and being socially active.

  • They are much like human children, they crave attention.

The cutest thing you will hear from a Frenchie owner is that their pet is immensely stubborn.

They love to be in the center of everyone’s focus boundary.

They cherish being patted and will look forward to sitting in your lap, all day long. They are very loyal and protective of their loved ones, JUST LIKE A HUMAN CHILD.

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